Constructed in 1862 of our local native pine on a sandhill with a stunning vista over the Forest, the Homestead exemplifies the story of many pioneering families, as they established pastoral enterprises in the Riverina. Early Sloane generations retained considerable memorabilia, which now combine to present a remarkable and expansive depiction of rural family life over the years.

The fully guided tour includes fascinating stories and surprising use of genuine audio and visual effects. There are 23 rooms of displays, some dating from the 1950s renovations. We are constantly updating and expanding, as we still find treasures worthy of exhibit. One recent example is the 1924 Lasco fuel bowser, the only one intact, working and on its original site in the world.

Visitors emerge with a new depth of understanding of pioneer rural life, presented in an engaging and enjoyable manner. Garden renovations include a focus on irises, which our kangaroos do not eat!  Tours can be adapted to fit particular interests, groups and time frames. Cuppas and luncheons on the verandah/garden may be arranged.


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